Booking Info


Booking Agent: Henry Clarke –
The Swan Hotel welcomes all genres of music, and any level of experience. If you would like to play, please get in touch!


To Book:
If  you would like to be added to a show, email Henry with a Facebook band page link and Soundcloud/YouTube/Bandcamp link to your music.

If  you would like to run your own night or event, email Henry with a requested date, room selection, a list of bands that will be playing, an estimate on how many payers you will get through the door, and a rough idea on what promotion you plan to do.


Times and Set length: Most nights run from 8pm to Midnight, with 4 acts playing a 30-45 min set each. But we are happy to discuss different set times for your event. Music curfew is 11.50 and we close at Midnight.

Payment structure: The Swan Hotel works on a door deal. Payment comes from door takings. If you are promoting the night, you decide on ticket and entry price.

Door Person: not supplied (Bands take it in turns to run the door, or event promoter organises their own door staff. The Swan Hotel can recommend reliable door staff if requested.

Venue Hire: there is no venue hire on standard live music bookings (for special events that require longer opening hours, extra staff and/or extra equipment, a venue hire may be added)

PA and Sound engineer: Supplied by Swan Hotel


Here are some handy tips about promoting your next event at the Swan Hotel

Social Media
Please share the facebook event on your personal and band pages. Invite all your friends and fans, send links to for promo through Swan Hotel social pages.

The classic poster is still a great way to promote your event. Theres a great deal at Worlwide Print in Perth QV1 to get 200 A3 posters for the Indie band deal.
Worldwide print QV1 – 

And theres a few poster distro companies around Perth and Fremantle. Check out some of these websites for more info or to get prices on distribution.
Streetpitch –
A0 lets go –
Poster Girls –

Send 20 posters to the venue for us to put up. Mailing address:
The Swan Hotel
201 Queen Victoria St
North Fremantle WA 6159

Gig Guides
Submit your gigs to online gig guides
The Music
Xpress online –

There are several radio stations in the WA community that are always happy to hear from artists and may be able to help promote your event through interviews and airplay.
Canary Radio (podcast) –
RTR-FM 92.1 – (Homegrown, the local music show on every Saturday) contact Will the music director via
Radio Fremantle – Twilightzone, Monday night show, contact Alan Dawson –
Pirate 88fm – local radio station based in freo –
Boom Radio – send your music to them 

Send gig/band info to local newspapers and magazines. please include: date, venue, entry fee, links to music, high quality press photo, and a short 50-100 word blurb on the event. Send info 2 weeks out from the show.
Fremantle Gazette, Community newsgroup –
Fremantle Herald, Community newspaper –

For additional promo
Contact your Booking agent to discuss different promotional ideas. The Swan Hotel is more than happy to help you promote your event and get the best results for the venue and your act.



Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday – 10am till Midnight. Sunday – 10am til 10pm

Live Music nights: Wednesday to Sunday
capacity: 120
Stage size: 4.8m x 3.8m (tapered front) raised stage

front of house monitors: 2 x rcf art400 (powered)
foldback monitors: 2 x crg sub1225 (powered)
desk: allen & heath pa12 (8 channels for stage)
mics & di’s: 3 x sure 58, 1 x sure 57, 2 x jts multi purpose condenser mics, 3 x di, 1 x beyer dynamic kick mic
lighting: 6 x static spots


Live Music nights: Friday to Sunday (Only open when Live events are scheduled)
capacity: 350
Stage Size:

Front of house speaker system: Left & Right (low/mid/high unit) 2 x Turbosound THL-5H (3 way 15”/6”/1.2”/ passive / flown), Left (sub unit) 2 x Turbosound TS-118 (single 18”/ passive), Right (sub unit) 2 x JBL System 8, (2 x 18”/ passive)

Stage foldback speaker system: Stage front 6 x Turbosound TXD-12M (12”/1”/ passive), Drum side fill 1 x Soundtech LT-25 (2 way 12”/12”/1”/ passive)

System electronics: F.O.H / monitoring console 1 x Allen and Heath GL2000 (32 channel / 6 aux / 6 buss), F.O.H Equalisation 1 x DBX 1231 (dual third octave / 31 band), Monitors Equalisation 2 x SCV 128 (third octave/ 28 band), 1 x SCV 228 (dual third octave / 28 band), Audio processors 2 x Urei 7110 (compressor / limiter), 2 x Behringer MDX2200 (dual channel compressor / limiter), 1 x Behringer XR4400 (quad expander / gate), 1 x Yamaha SPX 990 (dual channel multi effects), 1 x Yamaha REV 500 (dual channel reverb)

Amplification: Sub freq. drivers 2 x Crown Macrotech 2400 (2 x 600 watts / 8 ohms), Mid freq. drivers 1 x Australian Monitor SY1200 (2 x 600 watts / 8 ohms), High freq. drivers 1 x Australian Monitor SY1200 (2 x 600 watts / 8 ohms), Stage monitors 2 x Australian Monitor SY1200 (2 x 600 watts / 8 ohms)

System crossover: 1 x Behringer DCX 2496

Microphones: 5 x Shure SM58, 4 x Shure SM57, 3 x Sennheiser e604, 1 x Audix D6, 3 x Mann M11 (condenser)
DI’s: 3 x Behringer DI 100, 2 x Behringer DI 20
Microphone stands: 5 x short stands, 5 x boom stands, 2 x overhead stands
Playback: 1 x Sony CDP-C365 (5 disc CD player), 1 x Behringer DJX700 (5 channel / digital effects / BPM counter), 2 x Technics 1210 (direct drive turntable / variable pitch), 1 x Denon 2500F (dual transport / variable pitch / loop)

Lighting: 1 x Jands L400 (single phase / 4 way), 12 x Par can 56


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